The generosity of Pizza Hut

After payment for your meals at Pizza Hut keep your receipt for a free personal pan pizza ( we spent $53.60 top pic). The thing you have to do is participate in a survey by PH online (instructions at bottom of receipt). It takes about 5 minutes and you will get a free small or personal pan pizza. The catch is you will have to buy at least one PH item to get this free pizza. On the next day (that is today) we bought the Ceasar's salad and get the pizza free of charge. So the bill came to $10 for the salad (bottom pic).


Anonymous said...

U call that generosity? First u have to do that idiotic online survey then u have to buy at least a pizza hut food item with your own money to qualify for a tiny pc of pizza. This is a con job that BT fell for haha!

Boh Tong said...

But Pizza Hut is still better than many other restaurants & cafes in SG